Sunday, 30 December 2012


A wonderful fish buckle in a streaky green galaltih (an early plastic).  This buckle is from the Art Deco period.  A length of material/leather/suede would have been sewn on the back of the buckle.  This was, of course, the days of the dressmaker or home made dresses.  Buttons and buckles would have been chosen for the dress or jacket.   It is quite easy to make this back into a belt (Look on my web site - - for a picture of the back of the belt and the size etc.)  Price £75 Ref: 2295 B88/45.  I always have a selection of buckles and buttons at my shop at Grays Antiques - in central London - near Bond Street Tube Station.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


 On a recent buying trip I was lucky enough to be able to buy several vintage hair combs.  This one looks Art Nouveau - with its leave and flowers.  It is made of cream coloured celluloid ( a plastic - popular from circa 1880 - 1930 - so it predates bakelite).  Celluloid moves a little - which bakelite does not.  It has flowing leaves/flowers that are coloured black.  I always have a selection of celluloid hair combs amongst my vintage costume jewellery and accessories at Vintage Modes, @Grays Antiques, in central London.  Ref: 2086 B98/26 Price £85.  See me on Facebook and Twitter - Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery.  On Facebook I try to blog regularly about vintage costume jewellery and accessories.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 A gorgeous pair of vintage black glass stones earrings that go up the ears.  These would be from the 1950's.  The black glass stones have added painted decoration.  There are also 4 carnival glass stones on each earring.  They measure approx 1 3/4 inches.  So good to get a pair in excellent condition.  I always carry a large stock of vintage clip earrings in my shop at Vintage Modes, Grays Antiques - so many more than I can photograph and put on my web site - so - if you can get in to see - there will be far more choice!  Full description of this pair on the website - ref: 2276 B93/8

Friday, 7 December 2012


This is just amazing! It is a ?celluloid ship brooch and it is a whopping 3 1/2 inches across! It is in such good condition for an Art Deco brooch. See full description on my web site. Ref: 2172 B89/34 Price £85 (where would you find another one!). I am at Grays Antiques in central London - so easy to get to - next to Bond Street tube station. Look on my web site - here's the link -


Swizzle sticks were used to stir drinks - either to take out some bubbles - or to froth up the drink.  A man would take one out of his pocket and gallantly stir the lady's drink if she did not like to many bubbles!  I just love the beautiful shape of a swizzle stick!  Would look good in an Art Deco bar.  Think Noel Coward!  This one is marked 'silver' but I cannot sell it as Sterling as it does not have a hallmark.  You open it by sliding the bar next to the 'silver' mark - and then shut it to put it in a pocket.  Ref: 2272 B99/1 Price 68. - just one of the interesting items I have in my shop at Grays Antiques in central London.  Please visit for a good selection of vintage costume jewellery, compacts, bags and other items - including some for the bar!

Sunday, 2 December 2012


This amazing compact is probably 1930-1940's.  It depicts a man dressed in a black hat, red jacket, cream trousers and black shoes.  It takes loose powder and has a sifter and puff.  For a full description look on my web site - - and look at the pictures of the back and inside.  I love powder compacts and always have a selection in my shop at Grays Antiques in central London.  I am in the Mews - which is a separate building from the main Grays.  Look for me at Vintage Modes downstairs.